Service Fees
Individual therapy fees are $135 per session.  Session times are 45 minutes.

Couples therapy fees are $150 per session.  Session times are 60 minutes.  

DBT Group fees are $65 per session and are paid monthly ($260) at the beginning of each
month. Group session times are 90 minutes.

DBT Group intake session fees are $140 per 60 minute session.  

Sliding scale fees may be available.

Please inquire with your insurance company about your out-of-network benefits.  Dr. Althaus
will provide you with an out-of-network statement upon request.  You may initiate the
reimbursement process through your insurance company if you choose.  Dr. Althaus will
gladly help answer questions about this process as you have them.  

contact me for additional information or to arrange your first visit.
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