Dr. Emily Althaus is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Denver.  
She works with individuals and couples to create an individualized plan leading to
self-discovery, fulfillment and greater authenticity.  She also offers individual Dialectical
Behavioral Therapy and DBT groups.   

She works to create a safe relationship for clients to explore difficult aspects of their
lives and to gain insight into recurring, self-defeating patterns.  Her practice focuses on
helping each client to discover and build upon their innate strengths and ability to make
positive changes.  Dr. Althaus has helped people with a variety of issues including
relationship problems, depression, anxiety, identity issues and life transitions.  

As a warm, authentic, and active therapist,
Dr. Althaus believes she is able to easily
connect with clients and provide a safe, yet challenging therapy environment.
she views clients from a holistic perspective and believes in the
mind-body-spirit connection.

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